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Content Marketing Strategies For 2013

Content marketing continues to be one of the hot topics in the industry and this won’t be changing any time soon. An innovative approach to online marketing, it’s now being used by some of the world’s biggest brands, including American Express, IBM, Virgin and Starbuck as part of their overall strategy. With this in mind, it’s important to consider how your business could implement a content marketing strategy to help you better communicate your message through various forms of media, to your target audience.


Blogging is a great way to share you expertise and knowledge with visitors to your website and can help you become a voice of influence within your niche. Blog posts can be easily shared across the web via social media, allowing you to provide useful information to a much wider online community.

Blogging also has many SEO benefits; it will keep your content fresh and encourage return and new visitors, thus increasing traffic to your website.  It will also allow you to target more longer tail  industry related search terms that potential customers may already be looking for, online.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be a fantastic way for you to improve your business’s credibility online and raise brand awareness, if used correctly. It can help you to build relationships online and establish relevant, high quality links to your website, while allowing you to develop new business connections and increase your brand’s online visibility. Having your guest posts published on authoritative blogs that are relevant to your industry will highlight the expertise you have within your industry in the eyes of your target audience.



YouTube and newer apps like Vine and Socialcam allow businesses to easily create informative and fun videos that can be shared across the social space. Using video online can be a great way to engage with your audience and answer FAQ’s or provide customers with product demos. Many people search YouTube to find out about products or services; if your competitors are not utilising this channel, there is a potential for you to steal a march on them and expand your customer base.

Giving your target audience a sneak peak of upcoming products is another great way of using video; YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world so it’s highly likely that many individuals will use it to find out information about your products or services. Well optimised videos rank better in search engines and Youtube, so it’s important that those you post on the channel have been optimised and include keyword rich titles, descriptions and tags.


A well designed and informative Infographic can provide fantastic exposure for your brand online as it can quickly go viral. Many businesses now use these as a fun and informative way to share information and tell a story about their business, services or products, presenting complex data sets in more visually engaging way for users.

Not everyone has the time to sit and read through blog posts in detail, so infographics can be a great way for businesses to capture the attention of their target audience and share information with them using an easily digestible format.

They can also help with SEO; if you’ve hosted your infographic on your website and have created an embed code, every time someone uses it to include the image on their own website or blog, you will receive a link to your website.


Incorporating images in to your content marketing strategy is a great way to communicate with your customers online and will increase the likelihood that your content gets shared across social media channels. It’s why we have seen many brands make use of services like Instagram and Pinterest to share their visual content as these channels are the perfect platforms for them to showcase their products in a creative and visual way.

We are now seeing brands post images of employees at work or daily goings-on in their offices, pictures taken at industry events and staff parties and even those of celebrities using their products. Sharing images is a great way to engage fans and make them feel like they are involved, whether across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. If you have shareable images, then you should be utilising these channels as part of your online strategy.


Sharing your presentations online can be a very powerful content marketing tool; they can be a great way to promote your products, educate potential customers and generate leads.

Using them as part of your content marketing strategy also gives you the opportunity to utilise existing content that you may already have. For example, you could use popular blog posts that have been written in the past and summarise them in a presentation format; this can also work well for industry related articles or press releases.

There are many ways that a presentation can be used to increase traffic to your website; one of the most popular is to embed it on a site that has high traffic volumes, this will help raise your brand’s visibility. Another is to upload it to Slideshare (; this has a high domain authority which means getting a link from it can be great for your site’s SEO. It also has its own community which makes it easier to for you to share further presentations online.


eBooks can be a crucial element of any content marketing strategy. An individual who downloads an eBook or whitepaper is looking to spend time consuming the information that you are sharing; a completely different scenario from someone who might read your blog or quickly look at the amazing infographic you have shared on Twitter, while on their way to a business meeting.

eBooks you create can be one of the most important parts of your content marketing mix; if they informative and engaging, they could help transform readers into your future customers.

Offering an eBook via your website can also provide another great data capture opportunity; by requesting visitors to leave their details in return for access, you can help build up your prospect database.


Author Bio:

Matthew Marley is the online strategy manager at The Zen Agency one of Scotland’s leading full services digital agencies, with over 13 years’ experience specialising in Web Design, Development & Online Marketing.
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