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Spring Cleaning your Website SEO


SEO experts and those in your digital marketing agency will keep on top of your website information as time goes on to ensure that everything is in place to help with their success. There are other things that go unchecked however so take this opportunity to do a spring clean and tick them off the list.

The sun has finally arrived and at this time of year most people are donning their rubber gloves and setting to a good spring clean around their home. Those involved in pretty much anything online that involves running a website or blog will surely be having an SEO spring clean themselves.

SEO is something that constantly evolves. It isn’t possible to throw money at your SEO agency and set them a deadline of a month to “SEO-up” your website; in order to maintain the benefits of SEO you need to stay on top of it constantly.

Backlinks, tags and everything else that makes up a successfully optimised site may become out of date and it is important that on top of the on-going efforts to boost visibility that every now and again someone takes the time to go back and check all of these for relevancy.

Broken links, bad links and out of date page titles and meta data will not only be less useful to your SEO efforts, they may actually be harmful so must not go unchecked. Most of the very important things will be checked on a daily or weekly basis as your digital marketing agency and SEO experts analyse data, as it comes in however there are other things that should not go forgotten.

  • Google Authorship
    While you are taking the time to check the inner workings of your site make sure that your Google authorship is up to date and activated.  Experts estimate that pages and websites with this enabled will, if they aren’t already enjoy the benefits of over 100% more clicks than those which are not enabled. That in itself is a very important reason to make sure you take the time out to sort it sooner rather than later.
  • Pinterest Button
    This social media platform which enables users to pin content from the internet or upload their own content is a digital marketing agency’s dream tool. Pinterest is currently free for businesses to use and opens the door to a wealth of marketing and SEO benefits. When reviewing the ins and outs of your social media and SEO don’t forget to install a Pinterest share button.
  • Meta Data
    This is information that is embedded into your site which tells Google and everyone else what the site is about, what it does and enables people to find it. It is essential that not only is this data entered but that it is checked periodically to make sure that it is still 100% relevant to your current focus and online marketing campaigns.
  • Speed up your Site
    There are a great number of things that might slow down your website and a slow website will turn visitors away. Take this opportunity to do a speed test using a tool such as the Google Speed Test tool which will analyse any problems and help you fix them.

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Having established his career in digital sales and marketing, Duncan formed his own SEO in Berkshire agency, Cayenne Red. Along with the running of his business, Duncan spends time writing informative and helpful articles about the different areas of online marketing.

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