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5 Apps to Help You Live a Greener Life

With smartphones and tablets fast becoming go-to devices for pretty much any situation, it’s somewhat disappointing that green apps aren’t a bit more popular than they are. However, with a little digging, you can find a wealth of apps to easily make your day-to-day life that much greener. Here are five of the best apps that make being green so much easier.

Green Charging

Finding little apps that do most of the green legwork for you and can fit into everyone’s lifestyle can be a bit tough, but here’s one that I can’t see anyone objecting to. Very simply, this app will alert you when you phone is fully charged, reducing your electricity bill and saving you money. Using this will save you an average of 2.8 W per year, and if everyone on the planet used this, we’d save over 11,000 MW per year, approximately 10 to 12 reactors’ worth of power, according to Greenpeace.

Available on the Nokia Ovi Store:


With GoodGuide, your weekly shopping trip becomes an environmentally friendly treasure hunt. This app allows you to scan barcodes of your potential buys, and get information about how green the product is. The data you get ranges from health and environmental statistics to ethical work practice ratings. What’s more, you can also create a green shopping list by selecting products, and letting GoodGuide tell you which are the most environmentally friendly brands. There are over 120,000 products rated, and it’s updated all the time.





This app, if the name didn’t give it away, is all about finding places to recycle. It has over 100,000 recycling locations, from small glass recycling dumpsters to enormous plants. Over 200 types of products are listed, so you’re only ever a couple of taps away from finding the best place to dispose of your car, aluminium or plastic. What’s more, you can even call the locations directly. Anyone clearing out the barn or attic will save hours with this app.



Green You

While most carbon footprint calculators can feel somewhat depressing and slightly irritating, this one is a simple survey tool that uses your inputs to generate a sound green living regime and useful quick-hit advice. As well as measuring your carbon footprint and offering real-life CO2-saving tips, this app will also give you approximate savings, showing you that living greener is often the cheaper way to go.



Paper Karma


This is one of the more ingenious apps around. You know all the paper junk mail, flyers, and promotional material you find in your mailbox every morning? Paper Karma can get rid of it by scanning the image, automatically contacting the mailer and getting them to cease as well as remove any and all information they have on you. A complete service, Paper Karma also follows up a couple of months later to check your wishes have been carried out. While this might seem like a small move toward green living, eliminating direct marketing would reduce paper usage and pressing by many billions of tonnes per year.





Living greener is often a simpler way of life, but one that we may not be used to. What many green apps do is simply allow us to ease back into a simpler life. It rarely takes more than a little nudge to help people live in a more sustainable way, and apps are starting to do that more and more. Why not give green a chance and download one of these apps today?



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