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Leadership and Management

Growing a business requires taking your organisation on a journey along an uncertain and sometimes rocky road, but one that can lead to great things at the climax. There will be highs and lows, setbacks and successes, and none of it will be predictable; though it will be an intoxicating challenge throughout the journey.

Part of the GrowthAccelerator service is to work with leaders in a business to equip them with the skills to take their managers on the path to a brighter future. There’s a world of difference between management and leadership. But a good leader has to manage and a good manager also has to lead. They may sound like self-evident platitudes, but the difference between the two is subtle and vital.

Great leaders have the vision; great managers know how to execute that vision and what needs to be done to get there. In a growing enterprise, it
can seem like a luxury to have these different roles and people to assign to them. Often the individual running the business needs to have both attributes.

GrowthAccelerator Leadership and Management coaching involves having an experienced Coach, who has been in the same kind of situations as you may face in your business, work with you and your company to design the styles of leadership and the basics of management that will make you and your business more successful.

GrowthAccelerator will run a GrowthAccelerator Clinic at the Internet World trade show where experts will answer questions from companies, such as yours. The event will take place on 23-25 April at Earls Court in London. More information about the event and the GrowthAccelerator clinic can be found at

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